Celebrate Easter with the Premium Selection

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Celebrate Easter with the Premium Selection

Easter also known as Pascha or Resurrection Sunday as Christian cultural holiday and a festival that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus or the Rise of Jesus Christ again in the world. It marks the climax of Jesus life after 40 days of fasting and prayer during Great Lent. Week before Easter is considered as holy week marking as the entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem. It commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Easter is also called as Great and Holy Pascha, Easter Sunday, Sunday of Pascha or Holy & Great Pascha.

In Christianity, Easter season starts with Easter Sunday and lasts for seven weeks. This holiday is much like Christmas as having the roots in both Pagan and Christian culture.

Modern Easter Traditions/Celebration

The eastern traditions today came from a blended Christian themes and Pagan celebrations which include different features like eggs’ décor, bunnies, sweets, Pagan tapings or White lily etc.

Globally, many Christians celebrate Easter with a special act of kindness as to serve for church and communities. On the other hand, people celebrates with music, candlelight, flowers and by ringing the church bells to remember the Grace of God. Many Christians see Easter as a greatest feast of the church year. For them it is a worth celebrated day to commemorate the rise of Jesus Christ, according to their belief.

Few of below mention are the ways of modern Easter celebrations:

  • Easter Eggs

The Easter egg is one of the most iconic images connected to the Easter holiday. This image dates back to the Ancient Babylonians, who held that the fertility goddess Astarte was “hatched” when an egg from heaven fell into the Euphrates River (also known as Ashtur, Ishtar, and, yes, Easter).

During their ceremony in the spring, the pagans trades eggs for gifts. The ever-popular Easter egg hunt uses eggs that have been painted in vibrant or multi colors and buried for kids to find, gather & celebrate.

  • The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is another widely recognized and popular Easter tradition. Similarly like eggs, rabbits have long been used to symbolize the upcoming of spring and fertility. The Easter Rabbit custom has its roots originated from ancient pagan celebration of Eostre, which was symbolized by a northern Goddess connected to rabbits and hares. Every Easter, the Easter Bunny of today brings eggs and sweets/treats for kids to enjoy.

  • The White Lily

The white lilies are sometimes referred to as the Easter lily because it is so closely associated with the holy occasion. Lilies are said to have grown in the Garden of Gethsemane, where Christ prayed the night before he died. Lilies are also connected to purity and the resurrection along with other flowers like Daffodils, Crocus, hyacinth, and Tulips.

Many other symbols for the Easter holiday celebration involve crosses and crucifixes as a direct connection to religious practices, chickens and chicks as a spring message of rebirth, and palm branches which are significant for spring and Christianity.

Like Christmas, Easter is a great occasion for decorating your home and sharing a meal with close friends and family. People eat and pray together and visit churches whereas children play and watch their favorite Easter movies together to rewind the religious event.

Wine is Blessing!

The Holy Spirit is represented by new wine, and the Bible uses this symbolism in many different ways. Jesus first mentioned new wine in relation to the work of God. (Matt 9:17). But the Bible carries more significance of wine. Beer and wine production and consumption are frequently related to God’s covenant promises throughout Scripture.

Wine is a gift under the ancient covenant and its absence is a curse (Deut 7:13; 11:14), (28:39, 51). When Israel looked to the future, God promised to overwhelm them with wine streaming from the mountaintops (Amos 9:14; Joel 3:18) and vats brimming full with new wine (Joel 2:19, 24).

Jesus signals the beginning of such blessings by creating an over-abundance (150 gallons) of wine at Cana (John 2:1-10). And on the eve of his death, He sanctified a cup of wine as “the new covenant in my blood” (Luke 22:14-23).

When Christ will come back again. He will prepare “well-aged wine” (Isaiah 25:6)

Though a good beer and wine are great blessings from God.

It is theologically weak to consume alcohol without commemorating the Cross and the Kingdom. Alcohol abuse means making fun of Christ’s blood and insults God’s holiness. But, the grace that flowed from Christ’s veins on Calvary is the foundation for moderation, intentionality, celebration, and thoughtful drinking of wine and beer that considers the crucified and rising King and looks forwards to our future glory.

Cheers to life with The Premium Selection

The premium selection operates on imagination, uniqueness, inclusivity, impact with a classy touch. We know the value of perfection on any cultural or traditional occasion/celebration. We are the rising stars of Australian wines and assure the divine experience with ultimate quality, taste and class. As Wine is a blessing from God so, why not to celebrate the holy occasion with the premium selection’s wines and pray for the resurrection of Jesus.

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