Choose Your Favourite Wine/Whiskey With The Premium Selections

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Choose Your Favourite Wine/Whiskey With The Premium Selections

Globally, the most consumed alcoholic beverages are wine and whisky. These beverages need exacting preparation methods and the best ingredients known for their elegance and distinction.

Wine and whisky are elegant and carefree drinks. The drinking experience is only improved by matching the drink with the appropriate meal with appropriate company. At a high-end restaurant that offers an exquisite dining experience, whisky and wine are frequently coupled with fine servings. Depending on the nation of origin, method of preparation, and ingredients used, they come in a variety of forms. Your preferred beverage may depend on your tastes.

Story Of Whiskey

The whiskey bottle in our living room is a result of the inventiveness of legendary Scotsman, Celtic monks, and the ancient Egyptians.

The distillation process was established by the ancient Egyptians. Distillation knowledge was lost with the rise and collapse of the Greek and Roman Empires. Afterwards, the Celts were driven out by Roman expansion and In the 11th century, Celtic monks introduced distillation to Ireland. Now whisky dominates the world. 

Types Of Whisky 

Four Factors primarily determine which sort of whiskey is produced: the grain used, the brewing method, the region of production, and the duration of maturation.

Here’s where the main 5 whiskey types come from.

  1. Scotch – Scotland
  2. Bourbon – USA
  3. Irish Whiskey – Ireland
  4. Canadian Whiskey – Canada
  5. Japanese Whisky – Japan

All of these whiskey varieties are made by distilling different and/or particular grains (corn, wheat, rye, oats, and barley) and aging them in barrels. In its most basic form, whiskey is just distilled hop-less beer.

Story of Wine

The wine originated from Georgia in 6000 BCE, Iran 5000 BCE, Armenia 4100 BCE and Sicily 4000 BCE. Wine reached the Balkans by 4500 BC and gets celebration in ancient Greece, Thrace and Rome.

In Australia wine first fleet in 1788 and the first free settlers in the 1790s, Australia has had a long history of distilling and producing spirits. The preferred beverages seem to have been rum and brandy. Innovation is not new to Australia as wine exhibits a similar dichotomy between the vintage and the new. 

Australian wine is also quite avant-garde. Wines have always been produced in pretty conventional methods. Now, winemakers are willing to take risks and challenge the traditional norm. This unique Australian approach to winemaking matches the country’s peculiar climate and topography, resulting in a wide range of great wines and a vibrant industry.

A Good Wine Is A Wine You Like 

It is amazing how many different wine kinds are offered. How do you tell what is what among the hundreds of wines available today?

The wine regions, tannins, sweetness, acidity, body, and flavours are just a few more elements that affect a wine’s personality, but we won’t dive into the intricacies of those today.

Let’s keep it straightforward and examine the primary categories of wines. Below is a brief description of the many wine categories.

Red Wines

Black grapes fermented with grape skins are used to make red wines. Red wine has a lot of tannins, which leave your tongue feeling dry and bitter after sipping it.

White Wines

Both white and black grapes are used to make white wines. White wines are produced using only pure grape juice and without the use of grape skins. White wine contains minimal tannins; instead, it is distinguished by its acidic character for its crisp, fresh, and tangy flavours.

Rosé Wines

Rosé is a wine distinguished by its pink or blush hue. Black grape juice is fermented for a very little time with the skins to get this lovely colour.

Despite some rosés being dry, it has low tannin levels. Because of its light, sweet flavour, rosé is a favourite crowd-pleaser, especially at summertime events. It also makes a fantastic starter wine.

Sparkling Wines

Due to the carbonation of sparkling wines, they are known as “bubbly.” Black and white grapes are used to make sparkling wines, and carbon dioxide is a byproduct of fermentation that occurs naturally. The most popular sparkling wine is champagne, which is frequently served at special occasions like weddings and New Year’s.

Dessert Wines

Dessert wines are exceptionally sweet wines that are typically drunk after meals and occasionally even as dessert.

Fortified Wines

Wines that have brandy or other distilled spirits added to them during fermentation are known as fortified wines.

Alcohol ─ Tonic In the Right Dose  

The question of whether alcohol is healthy or unhealthy is still a contentious one today. Alcohol is undoubtedly both a tonic and a poison. The dosage mostly accounts for the variance.

Drinking in moderation appears to be beneficial for the heart and circulatory system and may help prevent type 2 diabetes and gallstones.

Good for the Heart: If you’re in excellent health, moderate drinking reduces your risk of heart attack, stroke, and arterial thickening by 25% to 40%.

Linked to More Activity: According to scientific studies, those who drink moderately are far more inclined to exercise than those who don’t. 

Safety Against Kidney Stones: Moderate drinkers who maintain a moderate alcohol intake have a lower risk of developing kidney stones: beer drinkers had a 41% lower risk and wine drinkers had a 33% lower risk.

Happy Hour & Social Bonding: Good company is all that matters. It’s named happy hour for a reason, folks who drink one or two drinks together are likely to interact more and smile more.

Explore Our Catalogue of Premium Wine & Whiskies

Making the ultimate bar cart is a challenging thing. Choose excellent bottles to represent each type of spirit. Build a strong foundation by including all necessary spirit types and modifiers. Good wines and spirits are part of the top-shelf liquor essentials.

Get a few Highlands single malts from Scotland. Add a few from Islay for the smoke and peat, rum and gin for the earthy, spicy, and bright flavours, and two or three fine American bourbons, and cap out your collections with rich and vibrant red and white wines.

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  • Bourbon
  • Rum
  • Gin
  • Whisky
  • Scotch
  • Red Wine
  • White Wine


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